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Confederation of CGE Parliament march on 26th on various demands.


22 Jul, 2012 10:30p.m.

Confederation of Central Government Employees has proposed a march to Parliament on 26th of this month on the major issues of the Central Government Employees and Pensioners. The Confederation had putforth the following charter of 14 demands .

  1. Stop price rise and strengthen the PDS.
  2. Stop Outsourcing, Contractorisation, corporatization and privatization of   Governmental functions.
  3. Fill up vacant posts and create posts on functional requirements.
  4. Revise wages of CGEs with effect from 1.1.2011 and every five years thereafter.
  5. Stop the New Pension scheme and extend the statutory defined benefit pension to   all CGEs irrespective of the date of recruitment.
  6. Regularize the Daily rated workers, GDS, remove ceiling on compassionate appointments. End discrimination in the grant of bonus to GDS employees
  7. Remove restriction imposed on compassionate appointment and the discrimination on such appointments between the Railway workers and the other sections of CGES
  8. Stop the move to introduce the productivity linked wage system; performances related pay; introduce the PLB to all departments; remove the ceiling of emoluments for bonus computation.
  9. Settle all anomalies including the MACP related ones raised in the Departmental and National Anomaly Committees and ensure the functioning of JCM in all departments.
  10. Make the right to strike legal
  11. Implement all Arbitration Awards.
  12. Revise the rate of interest of GPF. Revise the OTA and night duty allowances and stitching charges
  13. Merge DA with pay for all purposes including pension as and when the DA rates  crosses the 50% mark.
  14. Vacate All Trade Union victimization.

The  hopes of employees have faded after the meeting of National Anomaly Committee held on 17th of this month. The issue of MACP was not taken up during the meeting, Revision of Grade Pay is dropped ( Most of the employees expected to insist the Proposal of Grade Pay to lower cadre by confederation), Pay Band for merged scales is also not accepted. 

Elaborate arrangements has been made for the employees who want to participate in the march. The procession will commence is near the Patel Chowk Station at 10:30am. Banner of the Confederation will be placed on the spot from where the procession is to commence. The Rally is expected to be addressed by the Members of Parliament, Leaders  of Central Trade Unions, leaders of Confederation and the affiliated  Federations/Unions.  The rally is expected to be over by 1.30 PM.

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