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AICPI (IW) for June increases by two points, stands at 208. DA to be 72% from July


01 Aug, 2012 1:11a.m.

AICPI (IW) (All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers on Base 2001=100) for the month of June 2012, has been published by Government today. AICPI (IW) has increased from 206 to 208.

This makes the complete set of indexes for the calculation of the dearness allowance available. Based on this the DA from July 2012 will be 72%. The index for the last month was not very significant as the rate change by few points would not have changed the DA. The DA is calculated using the average of AICPI-IW for the last 12 months. The average – 115.76)X100/115.76 rounded to the previous whole number gives the DA figure. The DA hike is issued twice a year i.e. in January and July

The indexes for the last 6 months after the last DA hike are as follows.
Jan 2012 198
Feb 2012 199
Mar 2012 201
Apr 2012 205
May 2012 206
Jun 2012 208

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