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Progress of Housing Schemes by CGEWHO : Lok Sabha Q&A


13 Mar, 2013 7:02p.m.

As reported by CGEWHO, housing Schemes under the organization to provide houses to Central Government Employees in different parts of the country are as under

Housing projects where construction
is in progress are:
Housing projects
under planning are:

i. Chennai (Ph-II); 
ii. Mohali (Ph-I); 
iii. Bhubaneswar (Ph-I); 
iv. Meerut (Ph-I); 
v. Kolkata(Ph-II); 
vi. Bhubaneswar(Ph-II); 
vii. Mohali (Ph-II)
i. Vishakapatnam; 
ii. Meerut (Ph-II); 
iii. Greater Noida; 
iv. Chennai (Ph-III); 
v. Mohali (SAS Nagar)

As reported by CGEWHO Schemes are planned after conducting a demand survey and thereafter making attempts to acquire land from State Government Authorities. In case of non-availability of land from State Government Authorities, housing schemes are planned as turnkey projects wherein land is also provided by the construction agency.

Hence no definite time frame can be planned for such housing schemes. Allotment of houses under each Scheme is made to eligible applicants after the draw. The specific allocation of dwelling unit number in a particular project is made at the time of the completion of the project. Allotment has been made in the following housing schemes:

SchemesTime Schedule
i. Chennai (Ph-II); 
ii. Mohali (Ph-I); 
iii. Bhubaneswar (Ph-I); 
iv. Meerut (Ph-I); 
v. Kolkata (Ph-II); 
vi. Bhubaneswar (Ph-II); and 
vii. Mohali (Ph-II);
Within three months after
formal closure of the scheme,
allotment has been made
in all the schemes.

CGEWHO housing Schemes are initially planned with an anticipation of getting the processes completed as per estimates and plan.

However, prior permission has to be obtained from statutory municipal and development authorities and No Objection Certificates from related state departments like fire, airport, environment etc. before commencement of construction. Even after the completion of the works, the requisite completion/occupancy certificate from the statutory authorities and subsequent service connections viz. electricity, water, sewage etc. also get delayed which are beyond the control of CGEWHO. 

This was stated by Shri Ajay Maken, Minister of Housing & Poverty Alleviation in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today.

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