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Action against "habitually late" employees to be intensified


11 Aug, 2014 12:49p.m.

The Cabinet Secretary has asked Secretaries of all central departments to intensify the crackdown on government employees who are found to be "habitually late" in reaching office.  The Cabinet Secretary, Shri. Ajit Seth has specifically cited concerns expressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard.

The letter states that the onus on making the staff more work-oriented lies on the Secretaries. The letter also says that Modi has taken cognizance of some official reports which say that there has been no visible improvement in the ambience of the workplaces while “some officials have been habitually coming late” to work.

“In some departments, the ministers have noticed the laxity in this regard. The PM has expressed concern over these reports,” says the letter.

The government is waiting for the success of its drive to make its employees punctual, which can happen on “continued perseverance by every employee,” it says. Cautioning against any “slippages” in this regard, the Secretaries  have been asked them to review the situation on a sustained basis.

At a meeting with the Secretaries in June also, Seth had emphasised the need to ensure punctuality and attendance.

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