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7th CPC to Quasi-Govt., Autonomous & Statutory Bodies etc.


14 Jan, 2017 7:02p.m.

The employees working in the Quasi-government Organizations, Autonomous Organizations, Statutory Bodies etc. set up and funded/controlled by the Central Government, are not Central Government employees and, therefore, the benefits implemented by Central Government in respect of Central Government employees as part of their service conditions, are not directly applicable to the employees working in such autonomous organizations. The application of such benefits as given to Central Government employees in respect of employees of such autonomous organizations as well as the manner and conditions governing such application, including sharing of the additional financial implications arising thereon, requires specific approval of the Central Government. The autonomous organizations are expected to manage their affairs in such a fashion that their dependence on Central Government for financial support to meet the extra financial implications is minimal, as such autonomous organizations are expected to be financially Self-sufficient So as not to cause any extra burden on the Central Exchequer.

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