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ECHS Membership when husband and wife are Defence Personnel - Clarification


24 Sep, 2013 9:30a.m.

  1. There were a No of issues which come into effect when both husband and wife are defence personnel or one of them is a defence person and other is a Central Govt employee. The issues also included whether one or both parents can be made members of the ECHS.
  2. We had taken up the case with the MOD and clarifications have been issued vide MOD letter No 22(20)05/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 10 Feb 2006(copy attached). In brief it contains the following clarifications:-
    1. When Both Husband and Wife are Defence Pensioners
      1. Only one has to give ECHS contribution.
      2. Both can cover their respective parents by making two ECHS contributions.
    2. When one is a defence person and other is a Central Govt employee, the latter has the choice to withdraw from CGHS when the spouse becomes a member of the ECHS.

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