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Confederation post on 7th CPC minimum wages for Central Govt Employees


14 Jun, 2013 3:16p.m.

The Sixth Central Pay Commission has recommended a minimum wage of Rs 6600/- per month against the demand of Rs 10,000/- per month as worked out by Staff side of JCM, Today the minimum need based wage works out to Rs 15,000/ per month+ HRA+ allowances. hence there is three times increase in actual prices calculated by the 6th CPC and the current prices. The current wages and HRA of the CG Employees should be doubled atleast.

7th pay commissionThe most comprehensive criteria for covering all the basic needs were evolved by the 15th Indian Labour Conference (ILC) in 1957 for fixing minimum wages. The norms are that a need-based minimum wage for a single worker should cover all the needs of a worker’s family consisting of a spouse and two children.

The food requirement was to be 2,700 calories, 65 grams of protein and around 45-60 grams of fat as recommended by Dr Wallace Aykroyd for an average Indian adult of moderate activity. Dr Aykroyd pointed out that animal proteins, such as milk, eggs, fish, liver and meat, are biologically more efficient than vegetable proteins and suggested that they should form at least one-fifth of the total protein.

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