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Third MACP to MCM in Ordnance Establishments : INDWF writes to DGOF and Chairman, OFB


01 Apr, 2014 7:30a.m.


Date 18.03.2014

DGOF & Chairman
Ordnance Factory Board,
Ayudh Bhawan,
10A, S.K.Bose Road,
Kolkatta 700 001.

Kind Attention to Director/IR

Sub: Restructuring of Cadre of Artisan Staff in Defence Establishments in modification of recommendation of 6th CPC- framing of Recruitment Rules for the post of Master Craftsman (MCM) and Chargeman both in the same GP of Rs.4200/-

Ref: (i) MOD ID No.11 (5)/2009-D (Civ-I) Dated 23rd January, 2014.
(ii) OFB Letter No.NGO/Cadre Review/A/GB/10 Dated 03.03.2014

We are in receipt of the copy of OFB letter cited under reference (ii) above alongwith M of D letter dt 23.01.2014 regarding framing of Recruitment Rules for the post of Master Craftsman (MCM) and Chargeman both in the same Grade Pay of Rs.4200/-.

Since Defence Finance and DOP&T have not agreed to grant 3rd MACP to MCM on completion of 30 years of regular service on the reasons that the feeder grade and promotion grade stands remain in the identical Grade Pay.  Further, it was also not agreed to grant one increment on their re-designation from MCM to Chargeman (T).  Based on this refusal, DOP&T suggested to M of D to create separate channel for promotion to MCM and Chargeman (T) and accordingly a model proposal was suggested by M of D and circulated to all Directorates and Federations asking views and comments for further action.

While forwarding the model proposal by OFB vide your letter Dt 03.03.2014 to all Ordnance Factories, you have mentioned in para (3) giving your views about the changes and its functional implications and impacts on the career prospects of other categories.

Giving your proposals and impacts on the changes on model proposal it appears that OFB is having prejudice on the matter which shows that OFB itself is not interested in agreeing to the views of M o D.

We therefore, are totally oppose to the comments of OFB mentioned in your letter, whereas INDWF is firmly support to the proposed model of M of D which will be benefited to the organisation as well as to the individuals.

    a)    MCM till they become JWM will continue to work as workman by which we shall be getting their services of workmen (MCM) to work.
    b)    Chargeman (T) all will be with the background of having Diploma both through DR & LDCE.
    c)    The prospects of promotion of Chargeman will not affect at any cost to others.
    d)    The MCM can become only after 25 to 30 years of service only at the end of their long service.

Therefore, the model proposal may please be accepted and a favourable decision may please be forwarded to M of D so that MCM can be considered for 3rd MACP.

Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary.

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