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AIRF’s proposal for Railway Budget 2013-14


Railway Budget 2013-2014All India Railwaymen’s Federation, the oldest and largest organization of the Railwaymen in India, takes this privilege to put-forth the following important proposals with the hope that the same would receive due consideration in the Rail Budget 2013-14, which not only help moral boosting of the Railwaymen, but also improve upon the Railway Industry as a whole:

1. Educational Facilities for the children of Railwaymen
Educational Institutions in majority are being run by the private entrepreneurs, with the result that,not only higher education but also education up to Intermediate level is day-by-day becoming beyond the reach of common Railwayman in general and were particularly the low paid Railway Staff. Taking this aspect into consideration, the then Hon’ble Minister for Railways had made proposals in the Rail Budget to open Central School, Technical Education Institutions and Medical Institutions on railway land to provide better educational facilities to Railwaymen’s children on the persuasion of AIRF.
These proposals could not be materialized due to financial crunch, as such there is glaring need to provide adequate funds for this purpose.

2. Medical Facilities
The existing medical facilities are quite inadequate, particularly because of shortage of Railway doctors and paramedical staff, besides inadequacy of infrastructure facility of Mobile Medical Vans was, therefore, thought of to provide medical facilities for the staff and their family members posted on roadside stations and remote areas. Again, due to financial crunch, this proposal has not been implemented as yet. Adequate budget allotment for provision of at least 6-7 Mobile Medical Vans in each division may, therefore be done in the Rail Budget 2013-14.2

3. Extension of LARSGESS Scheme
The safety of Rail operation is supreme for all of us. The safety related Voluntary Retirement Scheme was, therefore, introduced for the staff of Safety categories, initially for Trackman and Loco Pilots after though consideration of all the related aspects. The scope of this scheme with modified nomenclature of LARSGESS was subsequently extended covering all the safety staff in Grade Pay Rs. 1800 and Rs 1900 sustained persuasion of AIRF. This scheme further needs extension of scope covering all the staff working up to Grade Pay of Rs 4200 and Rs 4600 and the appointment of the wards under this scheme be made on the basis of compassionate ground appointment, appointment of medically de-categorized staff and the children of land losers, so that young blood are inducted in the safety categories for safe operation of trains.

4. Staff Benefit Fund
The fund allotted under this head is used for several welfare activities of Railwaymen including Women Empowerment, Education assistance to girl- child of low paid staff etc. The per capita allotment is still inadequate as such needs to be enhanced to Rs. 800/- in the ensuing Rail Budget.

5. Maintenance of Railway Quarters and Colonies
During the last few years a conation of Railway Quarters and Colonies has destroyed rustically because of non availability of adequate fund, as a result of which, the residence of Railway employees and his family members continue to face adequate hardship on this account. With this view, to provide some relief to them, adequate fund allotment may be ensured during the current Budget so that maintenance and up keep of Railway quarters and colonies is possible. Here it is worth mentioning that in CPWD, per quarter maintenance cost has been provided Rs.35,000(Thirty Five Thousand) in comparison to the Railways of Rs.10,000(Rupees Ten Thousand ) which also does not use to be spent. Our demand for Maintenance Allowance to cover minor repairs/white washing/painting of quarters should also be considered.

6. Absorption of Quasi-Administrative Staff in the Railways
The issue of absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff in the Railways was raised by the AIRF several times in various Negotiating Fora, but unfortunately, up-till now, nothing has been done in this regard. We also brought their apathies before your goof-self. Absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff in the Railways will not only help their regularization in the Railways but also Railways will get a trained manpower.

7. Appointment of substitutes at DRM’s/CWM’s level to fill up the large number of vacancies
There continued to remain large numbers of vacancies unfilled, particularly in Safety Category,which we are of opinion, is safety hazards. The present system of recruitment through RRC in erstwhile in Group ‘D’ category does not fulfill requirement. As such, the time tested process of engaging substitutes at DRM’s/CWM’s level is to be revised, wherein preference should be given to the wards of Railway employees. This would not only provide employment to the ward of Railway employees but also will help in smooth Rail operations.

8. Improvement in Training Facilities
Indian Railways are progressing towards modernization for providing World Class service to rail users, for which technical advancement is inevitable. Staff are, therefore, required to impart adequate training to educate them. With latest technology, the training facility therefore, needs to be upgraded and modernized to make them capable of imparting adequate training for staff, for which sufficient fund allocation needs to be done in the Rail Budget.

9. Privilege passes for Parents
In almost all the organization, viz. Defense, Airways etc., the parents of the staff avail the facility of free travel on par with staff, i.e. both father and mother are entitle for free travel to the serving wards. Unfortunately, in Indian Railways, a mother can only avail this facility after death of his husband,which is highly unfair. The Railways should therefore, have gesture to provide privilege passes to father and mother of Railway employees also.

10. Creation of posts
As creation of post is required for maintenance and commercial activities of Railways. Posts are created on matching saving basis, on account of which, the required number of posts are not created commensurate with the requirement. Due to inadequate Ticket Checking staff, there is remarkable Financial loss because a number of coaches remain unmanned, providing scope for irregular traveling of the passengers. Similarly, shortage of the maintenance staff does result in a proper maintenance of rolling stock, track and signaling etc., which endangers the safety of train operations.Therefore, there is urgent need of create adequate posts for the above purpose, for which fundsallotment would be necessary.

11. Non-Introduction of new trains
It has been observed in all the Rail Budgets that more than 100 new trains use to be introduced and numbers of services use to increase in weekly or by weekly trains without creation of posts and provision of staff and infrastructure which leads stress on staff and safety also use to be endanger. Therefore, it is requested that no new trains should be introduced without creation of staff and provision of infrastructure.

AIRF is confident that the Hon’ble Railway Minister for Railways would give serious consideration to our above proposals to make announcement through the Rail Budget 2013-14.
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