24 May, 2021 10:04p.m.

DoP: Relaxation in compassionate appointment guidelines


No.17-4/2018-SPG II/PT-I
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: 24th May 2021


1. All Chief Postmasters General / Postmasters General
2. CGM, Parcel Directorate / PLI Directorate/CEPT.
3. Director, RAKNPA
4. Directors of all PTCs
5. Addl.DG, APS, New Delhi.
6. All GMs (Finance) / Directors Postal Accounts / DDAP.

Subject: Scheme for compassionate appointment – Relaxation of guidelines in the wake of COVID situation.

Madam / Sir,

Kindly refer to this office OM No.17-4/2018-SPG-II dated 28.9.2020 vide which instructions on revised “Relative Merit Points System” (RMPS) were circulated to all circles. In para 3 of the OM, it was mentioned that ‘in respect of all. applications for compassionate appointments received from January to December of a calendar year, the meeting of Circle Relaxation Committee (CRC) for considering such applications for compassionate appointment will be held by circles once in a year between January to March of the next Calendar year ‘.

2. The Postal Directorate has received requests from various postal circles that in view of the COVID-19 situation, the schedule prescribed for conducting the meeting of the CRC may be extended.

3. The matter has been examined and it has been decided with the approval of competent authority that wherever CRC meeting has not been held yet, will be concluded by 15 Jun 2021. Concerned circles will ensure that during the CRC meeting, no case of death that occurred by 31 Dec 2021 is left for consideration. It will also be ensured that that appointment orders to recommended applicants are issued by 18th June 2021 after CRC with instructions that selected candidates must join by 30 June 2021.

4. The time schedule will be followed by all the Circles without any exception. A report will be submitted to Directorate to be received by 5th of July 2021 in the proforma enclosed on the email id ddgp[at]indiapost.gov.in for information of DG (Posts)

Yours faithfully,
(G. Rajeev)
Director (Staff)

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