13 Dec, 2018 10:27p.m.

Will BJP's election drubbing make Govt. reconsider Demands made by Govt. Employees ?

With the drubbing faced by the BJP in the Assembly elections and the general elections 2019 looming, pressure has increased now on the Central Govt. to consider the demands of central government employees for a hike in minimum salary and fitment factor beyond 7th Pay Commission. So far, it has been witnessed that ruling parties at the Centre have given sops ahead of general elections, therefore, the central government employees are increasingly hopeful that their demands would be considered on priority as they form a good chunk of votes that the ruling party cannot afford to ignore at this juncture. On the agenda is the debate on implementation of smooth formula for promotion from April 1, 2019. The move would not only put an end to employees' complaints of partiality in promotions, but would also follow the norms recommended by 7th Pay Commission. Under this plan, the government may give weightage to public feedback as well as their ratings in the promotion of staff along with the latter's performance. The feedback system would be considered for those employees who are dealing with people at large and have been serving them with their good behaviour. It is reported that the Department of Personnel and Training at the Centre has already chalked out a blueprint that will agree to most of central government employees demands, and has submitted it to the government for taking a final decision. The employees are also hopeful that the government would also consider their demands for restoring old pension scheme. The state government of Kerala have already stepped in by constituting committee to look into the aspects of restoring old pension scheme. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has said that the state cabinet will pass a resolution to restore the old pension scheme as demanded by the employees. CM said the resolution will be passed in a special session of the Legislative Assembly.

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