15 Aug, 2019 12:41p.m.

10 Takeaways from PM Modi's I-Day Speech

  1. Raising the slogan of ‘one nation, one constitution’, the PM said that the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35 A was made possible only because the “dreams and aspirations of people of Ladakh and J&K needed to be adhered to. And 130 crore people came together to fulfil that.”
    "After the partition, when people came to India they faced no problems but those who settled in Jammu and Kashmir could never live in peace. The new system in place is for the direct benefit of the people on the ground. Now anyone living in Jammu and Kashmir can directly question the Centre. He now does not need to go via media," he further said.
  2. Hailing the decision to abolish Triple Talaq, PM Modi said, "You must have seen that the sword of triple talaq hung low on our Muslim sisters and mothers. It did not let them live with freedom. Many Islamist nations had banned the practice long back. But in India for some reason, we did not eradicate it. If we can raise our voice against the practice of sati, we thought why can't we raise our voice against Triple talaq."
  3. Launching the Jal Jeevan Mission to address the ongoing water crisis, PM Modi said Rs 3.5 lakh crore will be used towards the scheme. "Today, from the ramparts of Red Fort, I announce that we will launch Jal Jeevan Mission to provide drinking water to all. The state governments will work with the Centre. Rs 3.5 lakh crore will be used for this mission," he said.
  4. "In GST we implemented one nation one tax. In power, we implemented one nation one tax. For the automobile sector we implemented one nation one mobility card," the PM said.
  5. “The 21st century India needs to understand that development and prosperity begin only when individuals are healthy and resourceful. There are so many illnesses around, therefore, efforts cannot just be at the government level. We need to go public with our efforts. You must have seen that we ask many officials to retire because of their actions," PM Modi said giving a stern warning.
  6. "Five trillion dollar economy is my goal now. If every citizen starts contributing to the nation, we can achieve this. People say it is difficult but if it's not then why strive for it. In the last 70 years, we became a 2 trillion dollar economy and only in the last 5 years, we added 1 trillion dollars. This gives me the confidence of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy," the PM said once again reiterating the promise of a five trillion dollar economy.
  7. "In the last five years, 1,450 laws have been abolished. Ease of living is Independent India's dream. I want to take this plan forward in independent India," he said.
  8. For farmers, the Modi said that thrust will be made so their incomes double. "They need to be provided with an optimum price for their produce. Our farmers also need to be taken to the international markets," he said.
  9. "Today, people are not happy with a 5-star railway station. They want to know when will the airport be ready. When will we lay the electricity lines? They want to know when the 24-hour supply will be provided. We need to meet these global parameters to move forward," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.
  10. Drawing attention to the importance of the tourism industry in India PM Modi also said, "Price rise in India is now under control. We need to promote tourism in India. We must empower the economy through our efforts. We need to respect wealth creators in India because if wealth is not created, how will it be distributed? And if it is not distributed how will it benefit the poor in the country?"
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