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Decisions taken in the Staff Side meeting held on 25/06/2021


Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary, Staff Side at National Council of JCM has issued the details of the Staff Side meeting of the National Council JCM held on 25/06/2021.

Out of 29 Agenda Points, 21 points were discussed in the meeting. Due to paucity of time, it was decided that the remaining 9 agenda points pertaining to DOPT would be discussed by the Secretary (P) DOPT with the Staff Side within a fortnight. Decisions taken on the 21 Agenda points are given below

  1. Reimbursement of expenses on indoor treatment to Pensioners living in Non-CGHS towns. 
    Decision:- The demand of the Staff Side for reimbursement of the expenditure incurred for outpatient treatment of the pensioners staying in remote localities and introduction of Insurance Scheme would be considered by the Health ministry. 
  2. Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Govt. Employees.
    Decision:- A Clarification will be issued by the Ministry of Health that in the cases of medical treatment other than treatment covered under package rates should also be given 90% of the estimates as Medical Advance subject to CGHS rates.
  3. Reimbursement of additional charges paid on account of overstay in the hospitals
    Decision:- The demand of the staff side for Reimbursement of Additional Charges paid on account of overstay in the hospitals by CS (MA) beneficiaries would be considered by the Ministry of Health.
  4. Hospital Patient Care Allowance for C.G. Employees working in Hospitals.
    Decision:- Health Ministry is considering a proposal to include various left out categories for payment of HPCA. The Staff Side requested that other than the categories already forwarded by the Staff Side the categories of AC Maintenance Staff, Electrician, and civil engineering categories also may be included for HPCA. The Staff Side Members of Defence Ministry complained that in spite of Health Ministry orders Defence Paramedical Staff of Ordnance Factories and other Directorates are not being paid HPCA. Cabinet Secretary directed that Defence Ministry may issue instructions to implement the Government orders to the Defence Employees.
  5. Grant of Recognition to all employees organisations fairly and transparently- restore the function of departmental and office councils in terms of the JCM scheme.
    Decision:- Secretary DOPT Clarified that instructions have been issued to all Ministries / Departments to hold regular meetings of the Departmental Council JCM and to settle the Recognition cases in a time-bound manner.
  6. Settlement of the following COVID-19 related issues.
    1. Staff Side insisted that Central Government employees including Railways and Defence, Postal etc should be declared as front line warriors.
    2. Staff Side Demand for granting quarantine leave to COVID-19 positive tested employees, SCL to employees who were not able to attend duty due to non-availability of Public Transport, Curfew etc. would be considered by DOPT.
    3. Grant of Ex-gratia payment/compensation of Rs.20 lakhs to the family of all those employees who died of COVID-19 infection and Grant of out of turn compassionate appointment to the dependents of the employees who died of COVID-19 infection over and above the 5% ceiling limit, would be considered by DOPT
    4. Ministry of Health to consider Payment of full reimbursement of Covid-19 medical treatment charges.
  7. Evolve a health insurance scheme for all employees and pensioners to cover up all pensioners, who are outside the ambit of CGHS.
    Decision:- The Matter would be considered by Health Ministry
  8. Take steps to revive all PSUs which are either closed down or privatized, which are capable of manufacturing vaccine in the background of the acute shortage as also the oxygen units.
    Decision:- Health Ministry is taking steps to revive the PSU vaccine manufacturing Units.
  9. GPF for those who have been recruited on or after 1.1.2004.
    Decision:- Demand of the Staff Side would be reconsidered.
  10. Introduction of productivity linked bonus in place of Adhoc Bonus: raising the minimum ceiling for the purpose of payment of Bonus to 18000/- in accordance with 7th CPC.
    Decision:- Decision would be taken depending upon the amendment in the Bonus Act by Labour Ministry.
  11. Revision of Central Govt. Employees Group Insurance Scheme. 
    Decision:- The matter would be further discussed with the Staff Side.
  12. Withdrawal of orders of DA/ DR freeze.
    Decision:-Cabinet Secretary stated that the Department of Expenditure would process the matter for getting the Cabinet Approval for restoring the frozen DA / DR from 1/7/2021. The Staff Side demanded that they are eligible for arrears from 1/1/2020 and the mode of payment can be discussed separately with the Staff Side. The Staff Side also demanded to extend the benefit to those employees who retired/expired between 1/1/2020 and 30/06/2021.
  13. 13. Central Government Employees may be granted one more option to switch over to 7th CPC from a date subsequent to the 25th of July 2016.
    Decision:- Additional Secretary Expenditure would discuss the matter with the Staff Side separately.
  14. Settle All 7th CPC Anomalies represented by the Staff Side.
    Decision:- A meeting of the National Anomaly Committee would be convened to discuss the issues.
  15. Grant of Compassionate Allowance to the widow of Employees dismissed/ removed from service.
    Decision:- The matter is under examination in the Department of Pension.
  16. Withdrawal of New Pension Scheme (NPS) and restoration of Defined Pension Scheme under CCS(Pension) Rule 1972 to the employees who are recruited on or after 1.1.2004 at par with Armed Forces Personnel
    Decision:- The demand of the Staff Side for minimum pension would be considered separately.
  17. Exempt transport / Running allowance from income tax.
    Decision:- Demand of the Staff Side would be brought to the notice of the Department of Revenue.
  18. Exemption from payment of income tax to Pensioners who have attained the age of 80 years or more.
    Decision:-Demand of the Staff Side would be brought to the notice of the Department of Revenue.
  19. To formulate a policy for direct appointment of Trained Trade Apprentices of Central Government Industrial Establishments like Railways, Defence etc. as per the amended provisions of Section-22 of Apprentice Act 1961.
    Decision:-Railway Ministry and Defence Ministry to discuss the matter with the Staff Side.
  20. Withdraw the decision to Corporatize the Railway Production Units and Ordnance Factories.
    Decision:- Cabinet Secretary directed that the Ministry of Railway and Defence should discuss the matter with their Staff Side to evolve a solution. Secretary Staff Side handed over a copy of the Staff Side letter dated 25/06/2021 to the Cabinet Secretary demanding withdrawal of the decision taken by the Government to Corporatize the Ordnance Factories  
  21. Grant of Gazetted Status to Senior Engineer of Ministry of Railway.
    Decision:- The matter would be discussed by the CRB with the Staff Side of Railways.

    Night Duty Allowance – Removal of the ceiling of NDA i.e. Rs.43,600 was discussed at length and Cabinet Secretary directed Secretary(DoP&T) to discuss the issue with the Chairman Railway Board, Secretary(Deptt. of Exp.) and finalise it soon.

The following 8 Agenda Points will be separately discussed with the Secretary DOPT.

  1. J.C.M. Coverage
  2. Litigation cases on service matters
  3. Eradication of injustice to Casual, Contract and Outsourced workers: providing them the right to form a union in terms of Article 19.1(c) of the Constitution of India: Regularisation of all casual, contingent and outsourced workers.
  4. Fill up all vacant posts in all grades.
  5. Grant of 5 (five) effective upgradations to all Group B & C employees in entire service life.
  6. Undertake cadre review of all Groups –B&C Cadres in every five years before the cadre review of Group A Cadres.
  7. Grant of Risk Allowance to the Employees involved in permanent and perennial recognized Risk Operations


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