12 Apr, 2015 11:24a.m.

Maruti Swift Hybrid - The hybrid car that gives 48.2kmpl

Maruti Suzuki India plans to launch the hybrid version of its successful model - the Swift Hybrid Range Extender. 

The Swift Range Extender was initially developed for a private government pilot project. It is said to be powered by a 658cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine which would be mated to a permanent magnet synchronous motor that gives out a power output 73bhp. Even with this constrained power output the vehicle is claimed to return an impressive 48.2Km/l of mileage with an electric driving range of about 25.5 Kms. Despite being a smaller capacity engine, it is good for 73bhp.

Further, this particular hybrid offers three driving modes: series hybrid, parallel hybrid and the third one being all electric. In series hybrid mode, the engine is used to charge the electric motor and this in turn powers the vehicle. While in parallel hybrid mode, both the engine and the electric motor turn the wheels whereas in all electric mode, only the electric power is used to power this machine. But building such a clean, efficient and emission-free car requires resourceful infrastructure, increased production cost and better awareness. This again brings us to the question that can Maruti impose a pricing strategy that not only allows it to incur the production cost for a hybrid, but also makes it attractive enough for the end consumer.

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