06 Dec, 2022 10:22p.m.

The Old Pension Scheme campaign must have helped congress in Himachal


As voting for the assembly elections officially ended on Tuesday after Phase 2 in Gujarat, several exit polls indicated a close race between the Congress and the BJP in Himachal Pradesh.

Exit polls in Himachal Pradesh predicted that the BJP would win between 24 and 41 seats and the Congress would win between 20 and 40. A majority of 35 seats are required.

But if a saffron tsunami is expected in Gujarat, why do exit polls for the hill state indicate an "unpredictable" result?

Aaj Tak-Axis for Himachal Pradesh My India projected that the Congress and the BJP would have a tight race. According to the prediction, the BJP would win 24–34 seats and the Congress, 30–40.

A cliffhanger was also indicated by News 24-Today's Chanakya, who predicted 33 seats for the BJP and the Congress with a plus-minus seven-seat margin for each.

While India TV predicted the BJP will win 35–40 seats, Congress 26–31, and AAP nil, ABP News C-Voter predicted the BJP would win 33–41 seats and Congress 24-32.

According to a News X-Jan Ki Baat poll, the BJP is predicted to win 32–40 seats in the hill state, followed by the Congress with 27–34 seats and AAP with zero.

While Times Now-ETG predicted that the BJP would likely win 38 seats and the Congress 28 while Republic TV P-MARQ anticipated that the BJP would win 34–39, the Congress would win 28–33, and AAP would win just one seat.

In Himachal Pradesh, the BJP was predicted to receive 35 to 40 per cent of the vote while Congress was predicted to receive 20 to 25 per cent.

One of the most talked-about Himachal tendencies is its "anti-incumbency" Riwaaj, notwithstanding the complex political relationships, which we will address later in these questions.

Since 1985, the "Devbhoomi" has not experienced repeat administration.

In the hill state, the Old Pension Scheme plan also became a campaign issue. Political experts questioned if the BJP's performance would be harmed by the Congress' campaign promise to reintroduce the Old Pension Scheme.

The Aam Aadmi Party joined in as well, pledging to put OPS into effect if it wins power. While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is in power in the state, hasn't made any promises, it has said that it will make decisions based on the panel's report, which was constituted by the Jai Ram Thakur-led administration.

There are over 2.5 lakh government workers in Himachal Pradesh.

There are about 1.90 lakh retired workers collecting pensions. Despite the fact that just 55 lakh people vote to determine the fate of political parties, Newslaundry claims that these current and former government employees, along with their families, make up a significant portion of the electorate.

The Himachal New Pension Scheme Employees Association (NPSEA), a group established in 2015 to call for the OPS to be reinstated, has mobilised locals and is bringing attention to the problem via its social media platforms. The reinstatement of OPS, according to NPSEA general secretary Bharat Sharma, is a crucial political issue in the hill state.

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