27 Jan, 2022 04:29 PM

Govt planning for indigenous smartphone OS to rival Android, iOS

Govt planning for indigenous smartphone OS to rival Android, iOS

According to Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the government plans to develop a strategy that will allow the industry to develop an alternative to Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Currently, two operating systems - Google's Android and Apple's iOS - dominate smartphones, the minister told PTI.

"No third. So there is a lot of interest in MeitY and the Indian government creating a new phone operating system. We are conversing. We're looking into it "he said.

He said the government is looking for startup and academic ecosystems to help develop an indigenous operating system (OS).

The operating system is the main programme of any computer or mobile device that integrates all hardware and software components.

Chandrasekhar: "If there is true capability, we will be highly interested in growing that area since it will create an alternative to iOS and Android and an Indian brand may grow."

The minister offered no timeframe for a decision on whether to proceed with the policy nor the level of assistance India's government might provide.

Despite investing billions in the OS and acquiring Nokia to ensure a steady supply of handsets, Microsoft's Windows Phone failed to make an impact. After failing to break into India's mobile market with low-cost smartphones, Mozilla's Firefox OS was retired. Tizen, a Linux Foundation project, hasn't gotten a lot of acceptance. The government can conceivably make use of the OS a condition of the subsidies it's providing to attract manufacturers to its shores.


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