09 Jun, 2022 8:18p.m.

Retention and rent of Railway accommodation for ex-Board Members/CRB & CEO


RBE No. 60/2022

रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD

No. E(G) 2020 RN 3-6

New Delhi, dated 24.05.2022

The General Manager
All Indian Railways/PUs
Director General, RDSO
(As per Standard mailing list)

Sub: Continuation of permission for Retention of Railway accommodation at previous place of posting prior to becoming General Manager, in favour of Board Members/CRB & CEO, Railway Board.

Ref:- Board’s letter No. E(G) 2020 RN 3-6 dated 31.03.2022.

In exercise of the powers vested with the full Board to make reasonable relaxation in the public interest for a class/group of employees in all or any of the provisions regarding house allotment/retention, the full Board have now decided that Board Members and CRB & CEO who during their immediate preceding posting were permitted to retain Railway accommodation at their previous place of posting (just before becoming GM), may continue to retain such Railway accommodation for the entire tenure of their current posting as Board Member/CRB & CEO, plus another two months thereafter on payment of normal rent.

2. On completion of tenure as Board Member/CRB & .CEO, the above retention can be extended further, on request up to for maximum of 08 months on payment of normal rent for the first four months and double the normal rent for remaining four months subject to vacation of accommodation (Railway/GPRA) at Delhi within 02 months of retirement.

3. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

4. Please acknowledge receipt.

(Harish Chander)
Director Establishment(G)
Railway Board.

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