09 Jan, 2022 10:07a.m.

Railway suspends for biometric attendance staff


Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

Office Order No.71 of 2021

Sub: Exemption of marking of attendance through Biometric System.

Ref. : Office Order No.59 of 2021.

In view of the prevailing Covid situation, it has been decided to suspend the marking of attendance through Biometric Attendance System in Boards Office with immediate effect till further orders.

2. During the suspension period, all the officials would mark attendance duly indicating entry and exit time in the physical sheet (i.e. in Excel sheet as was being done earlier). A copy of the excel sheet is enclosed.

3. The above issues with the approval of the competent authority.

No .2021/O&M/9/1
Dated: 31/12/2021

Director/Admn., Railway Board

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