23 May, 2023 1:49p.m.

Deducting leave from the requisite 90 days for writing APAR


The railwas has issued an OM stating that of the 90 days of experience supervising the work for the Reporting, Reviewing, and Accepting Authorities (RRA), any leave or training time taken by the RRA will only be deducted from the 90-day period if it is for more than 15 days at a time. APARs that have already been written do not need to be amended or rewritten.


No. 2021/SCC/03/10

Dated: of 01.05.23

The General Managers,
All indian Railways, PUs, etc.

Sub: Treating the period of Earned Leave/training for computation of minimum requisite period of 90 days for writing the APAR.

As per the existing instructions, the Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting Authorities are required to have at least 90 days experience of supervising the work and conduct of a subordinate officer to record their assessment in his APAR. As per present practice, while computing the period of 90 days, the leave/training period of even a day or two is taken into account and deducted from the total period spent on the post.

2. This issue has been considered by the Board and it has now been decided that where the officer reported upon or the Reporting/Reviewing/ Accepting officer has been on leave/training, etc. for a period of more than 15 days at a time during the period of the APAR, the total period spent on leave/training may be deducted from the total period spent on the post, for purposes of computing the minimum requisite period of 90 days for writing the entries in the APAR. However, where such period of leave/training is 15 days or less at a time, the same will not be taken into account while computing the minimum requisite period of 90 days for writing the APAR.

3. The above guidelines will be applicable from the reporting period 2022-23 onwards. The APARs already written need not be amended/re-written on the basis of new guidelines mentioned above.

4. This should be brought into the notice of all concerned.

(Ravi Shekhar)
Railway Board

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