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Govt limits one pension for ex-MPs. Not eligible if availing another pension

Govt limits one pension for ex-MPs. Not eligible if availing another pension

The central government has decided that the people's representatives will receive only one pension. In this regard, the central government has issued a notification. Former members of parliament who hold other jobs and receive salaries and benefits will not be eligible for a pension. Furthermore, when applying for a pension, it should be stated that no other pensions are being purchased.

After extensive discussions between the central government and the Joint Committee of Parliament, the decision was made. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Vice-President had to sign off on the decision. When applying for a pension, one must reveal personal information, the length of time he served as an MP, as well as other positions held, and the benefits he will receive. Former members of Parliament must submit pension applications to the Secretaries-General of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

Holding any position in the central or state governments no longer qualifies you for an MP's pension. This applies to central government employees or those working in the public sector and local governments, according to the notification, which also stated that assembly pension and MP pension cannot be purchased at the same time.

The Joint Committee of Parliament to Fix MPs' Pensions made the recommendation to tighten the rules. The president, vice president, and governors will be subject to the new law. The new proposal also prohibits receiving MLA  & MP pensions at the same time. A former MP currently receives a pension of Rs 25,000 for the first term and Rs 2,000 per year after that.

Pension eligibility criteria

1) Having never served as President, Vice-President, or Governor.

2) It should not be the federal and state governments, as well as government-owned corporations, that pay my salary.

3) He should not be a member of the Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha MP, legislator, or legislative council member at this time.

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