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Railway LDCE pre-qualifying exam for promotion to Gr. B to be evaluated by HAG/SAG


RBE No: 90/2021


No. E(GP)2018/2/31

New Delhi, dt: 13/12/2021

The General Managers (P),
All Indian Railways and Production Units.
(Kind attn.: PCPOs /Dy.CPO(G))

Sub: Introduction of 100% Objective type Multiple Choice Questions in the written examinations held as part of Selections and Pre-qualifying examination (PE) in LDCEs for promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ posts.
Ref.: Railway Board’s letter nos.E(GP)2015/2/8 dated 28.11.16,
E(GP)2018/2/31 dt.19.3.2019, 28.11.2019 and 20.07.2020.

Please refer to instructions contained in the Board’s letter of even number dated 19.03.2019 on the aforementioned subject. It has now been decided to modify Para 4(i) of the said letter as under:

“The question Paper of written ………. and evaluation of answer sheets will be carried out by HAG/SAG officer of the concerned Department nominated by the General Manager.

These instructions take effect from the date of issue of this letter.

(Meenakshi Saluja)
Dy. Director, Estt.(GP)III
Railway Board
Ph. No. 23xxxxxx

RBE No. 53/2019: Selections – Group ‘B’ – Objective Type Questions


No.E(GP)2018/2/31, dated 19.03.2019

Sub: Introduction of 100% Objective type Multiple Choice Questions in the written examinations held as part of Selections and Pre-qualifying Examination (PE) in LDCEs for promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ posts.

In terms of extant instructions contained in Board’s letter No. E(GP)88/2/111, dated 20.08.1991, written examinations are held as part of Selections/ LDCEs for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts. The existing pattern of these written examinations has since been reviewed by the Board. To bring objectivity to the selection process, it has been decided to make changes in the present examination system as under:

1.    Selections against 70% quota in Organized Services and 100% Selections in Miscellaneous Cadres:-
1.1  The written examination shall comprise of one Paper which shall have 100% Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions only. The paper will be of 100 marks and the distribution will be as under:


Technical subject including Official language policy

70 marks


Establishment and Financial Rules

30 marks


Qualifying marks


1.2   Best amongst failure scheme for candidates belonging to reserved categories (SC/ST) in non-safety category posts will continue as per existing instructions.
2.     30% Limited Departmental Competitive Examination:
2.1   Pre-qualifying examination:
There shall be a pre-qualifying single paper examination of 100 marks which shall have 100% Objective type Multiple Choice Questions only.
2.2   The distribution of marks will be as under:-

Technical subject

40 marks

General Knowledge including optional Questions on Official language Policy

30 marks

Establishment & Financial Rules

30 marks

2.3   Qualifying marks:

The candidates scoring 75% marks and above in the Pre-qualifying examination shall be eligible for appearing in the main examination and for this, a number of candidates should be restricted to 5 times the number of respective vacancies in order of merit.

2.4 Main examination:

The Pre-qualifying examination will be followed by one descriptive paper on a professional subject comprising of 100 marks and the qualifying marks in the written examination will be 60% and above.

2.5 Relaxation in marks for reserved category candidates:

The relaxation in marks for reserved category candidates in the pre-qualifying examination as well as in the main examination in non-safety category posts will continue to be 3/5th of the qualifying marks.

2.6 Syllabus for professional paper of LDCEs:

The syllabus prescribed by the Board for written examinations held as part of 30% LDCEs in organized services constitute topics on Paper-I and Paper-II. In view of the aforementioned changes and pattern of the LDCEs, the topics on professional subjects divided into two segments as Paper-I and Paper-II shall be amalgamated and topics may be picked up for the Pre-qualifying and main examinations. The syllabus should be circulated along with the notification for the examination.

3.    Objective type Multiple Choice Question Paper for Selections and Pre-qualifying Examination for LDCEs:

In the first phase, the current system of paper and pen examination shall continue with the shift from Subjective to Objective type multiple-choice questions. Phase-II envisages a shift to Computer Based Examination and for this purpose, a Question Bank will be prepared from which a random selection of questions will be made by the paper setter and evolution will be done digitally.

4.    Setting up of Question Papers and Evaluation of answer-sheets:

(i) The Question Papers of written examinations including the Pre-qualifying examination of LDCEs will be set up by the PHOD of the concerned Department and evaluation of the answer sheets will be carried out by a SAG officer of the concerned Department, nominated by the General Manager.
(ii) To ensure the authenticity of the answers to Multiple Choice Questions, no corrections of any type (viz. cutting, overwriting, scoring a ticked answer & ticking another answer, erasing, modifying the answer in any way) will be permitted. Zero marks will be awarded in such cases of corrections.
(iii) There shall be negative marking for incorrect answers. One-third of the marks allotted for each question will be deducted for every wrong answer.
(iv) All Objective type questions should carry equal marks.
(v) In the English as well as Hindi version of question papers, every question should have four options numbered as A, B, C, D (only Capital letters) and answers to such questions by the candidate should invariably be given in Capital Letters.
(vi) Questions on Official Language policy in the Selection/ LDCEs may be included in terms of provision contained in Para 204.3 of IREM, Vol-I.

5.    The matter regarding incorporating similar changes in Selection/ LDCE held for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts in Accounts Department is under consideration in Board’s office and separate instructions in this regard will follow.
6.    There is no change other than the changes narrated above in the extant instructions issued from time to time in respect of other aspects of Selections/ LDCEs held for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts.
7.    Any Selection/ LDCE which has already been notified should be concluded as per the existing instructions only and the new instructions would apply for those Selections/ LDCEs which are notified after the date of issue of these instructions.
8.    These instructions should be widely circulated.
9.    Please acknowledge receipt.

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