18 Oct, 2012 9:59a.m.

Facebook offering Rs. 50 talk time

facebook-offering-rs-50-talk-time Facebook India, in attempt to woo Indian mobile users is currently running a promotion in the country, under which every new signup from social network's mobile website will get Rs. 50 talk-time. 

The social giant is also offering the same talk time if anyone signs up via your referral.

On one hand, the company seems to be worried about fake profiles and had recently reported the number to be as high as 83 million and on the other hand, it is launching offers which are likely to bring in more fake users rather than genuine ones.

New users will have to go to [http://m.facebook.com/tt] to signup and get the free talk time, which will be credited to their account in three days, notes Facebook on the signup page. The free talk time offer is not valid for existing users.

New users don't even need email address to register a new account, and will only need a mobile number that is not already associated with any other Facebook account.

Though details aren't available, Facebook would have likely tied up with a recharge service to provide the talk time to new users.

The social giant had recently crossed 1 billion monthly active users mark and is now focussing on developing countries like Brazil, India, and Mexico to get more users, as it struggles to get viable revenue sources in post-IPO era.

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