09 Jun, 2015 6:45p.m.

Upgradation of Pay for LDC and UDC on agenda at today's NAC meeting

The Secretary, NCJCM Staff Side has already informed that a meeting NAC will be held after the final Meeting of NCJCM with 7th Pay Commission. Accordingly the DOPT is holding the National Anomaly Committee Meeting today at 3.00 PM at New Delhi. The office Memorandum issued to all Staff Side Members 0f The National Anomaly Committee stated that.

“In continuation of meeting held on 29/5/2015 the next meeting of the National Anomaly Committee is scheduled to be held under the Chairpersonship of Joint Secretary (Establishment) on 9th June, 2015 at 3.00 P.M. in the Conference Hall (Room No. 190) North Block, New Delhi. Agenda Notes for the meeting as suggested by the Staff Side are enclosed.
All the concerned are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting.”

The agenda points finalized for discussion in the NAC meeting

There are 12 Items listed in the Agenda Notes for Discussion ,

At Item Number 4 the issue of Upgradation of Pay Band and Grade Pay of LDC, UDCs and stenographers Gr.III In Subordinate offices is included for discussion. it is established in the point that LDCs may be placed in PB-i with Grade Pay of Rs.2800 and UDCs may be placed in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4200

ITEM No.4 : Upgradation of Pay Band and Grade Pay of LDC, UDCs and stenographers Gr.III In Subordinate offices.

Group ‘D’ employees have been placed in PB-I with Grade Pay Rs. 1800 and entry qualification now prescribed in Matriculation.

LDC/UDCB have been assigned the same PB-I with Grade Pay of Rs. 1900 and Rs. 2400.

Assistants and Stenographers of Central Secretariat who were in the pre revised pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 has been granted upgraded pay scale in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4600 with retrospective effect from 1.1.2006. (0M dated 17.11.2009).

The result is that vertical relativity between Group ‘D’ and LDCs has been drastically reduced on the one hand and on the other vertical relativity between UDC sand Stenographer Gr.III of subordinate offices vis a vis the Assistants and Stenographers of Central Sectt. has been widened. In both way the relativities vis-à-vis Group D’ and LDCs and vis-à-vis UDCs/Stenographer III and Assistants have been disturbed without assigning any reasons therefore.

With a view to maintain the well established relativities it is proposed that LDCs may be placed in PB-i with Grade Pay of Rs.2800 and UDCs may be placed in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4200.

All other Agenda points of NAC Meeting

Item No. I : Anomaly In the Pay Band I Grade Pay of Gazetted Officer in prerevised Pay scale of Rs.6500-10500

Item No.2 : Anomaly in the Pay Scale of Data Proccssing Assistants Grade A

ITEM No.3 :PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4200 for Lab Technicians

ITEM No.4:Upgradation of Pay Band and Grade Pay of LDC, UDCs and stenographers Gr.III in Subordinate offices.

ItemNo. 5: Grant of PB-2 Grade Pay Rs.4200 to Senior Clerks of Delhi Milk Scheme ,

Item No.6 :Removal of anomaly in the case of Artisan staff of different departments.

Item No.7 :Sub: Maintaining the horizontal parity as recommended by the 6th Central Pay Commission.

Item No. 8 :Maintaining horizontal relativity between the Section Officers of Central Sectt. And the Income tax Officers, Superintendents of Post Officers, Superintendents of Central Excise and Customs Departments.

Item No. 9 :Pay Band and Grade Pay for Medical Assistant of Ordnance factories.

Item No. 10 :Issues of Store keeping Staff

Item No.11 : Children Education Allowance – Denial thereof


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