20 Feb, 2021 8:42p.m.

Beware, UP police is scanning your internet usage for porn search


The UP Police has set up a new team called the 'UP Women Powerline 1090' to monitor people's internet activities. It is told that the new team has been set up to curb crimes against women.

A private company named 'Oomuph' has been entrusted to probe into people’s internet search data to monitor those looking up pornographic content.  The company will alert the ‘UP Women Powerline 1090’ if a person searching for pornographic is detected. Following this, the Police will reach out to the person to prevent “crimes against women”.

The project, which had previously been conducted in six districts, had received a good response from the public. UP has about 11.6 million internet users as per estimates. 

As per the police sources, following the alerts, the police team will reach out to the person to prevent “crimes against women”.

Additional Director General Neera Rawat said that in view of the increasing use of the internet, the powerline 1090 would also reach out to people to prevent crimes against women. He added that the company was hired to keep an eye on what was being searched on the internet through data.

“Basically, it is meant to study the analytics of the internet. If a person watches pornography, the analytics team will get the information.” 

Those who search for pornography will receive an alert message and the information will be saved with the police as well.

“The internet data will inform 1090 team if a person is searching for porn. The team will then send ‘awareness messages’ to the person.” 

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