23 Feb, 2016 10:08p.m.

Ather Energy launches India's first smart electric scooter - the S340

ather-energy-launches-indias-first-smart-electric-scooter-the-s340 Ather Energy, a startup by IIT grads has unveiled what is dubbed as India's first smart electric scooter - the S340 at the Web Summit Surge conference in Bengaluru.

The smart scooter which has a Linux based operating system for the dashboard has got the GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. The dashboard would be using Google Maps for navigation through the web browser. Users will be able to track the vehicle using their smartphones, remotely control and monitor the vehicle, enable fast charging by using a a slider on its app. You will be able to specify, what kind of acceleration response, top speed you want, and then save them on your profile, and then go to the vehicle, and select your profile again, those are the exact settings you will find.

Apart from vehicle location tracking, a lot of work has gone into providing vehicle analytics to the rider, on the dashboard and on its app. Users will be able to extrapolate their average driving speed. Mehta says that the team working on the data analytics love building their own profiles on the prototype, to gauge their energy efficiency.

Ather Energy had quoted a range of 50 to 100 kilometres on a single charge typically covering 65 kilometres in the city on a full charge. With an additional rider on the back, the range would drop by approximately 15 to 20 percent.The batteries used onboard the S340 have are specced at a thousand recharge cycles approximately, following which it will lose 20-30 percent of its original capacity, Mehta says, adding that users with short commutes will be able to extend its lifecycle.
The S340 will be available for trials and pre-orders in about two and a half months, at experience centres owned and operated by the company. The S340 will first be available in three cities - Bengaluru, Pune and Chennai.

The startup has taken up a plant for assembly in Whitefield, Bengaluru, to keep production as close as possible to the design centre, and ensure that anything that needs sorting can be handled by the design team in a few hours. While the manufacturing of its components are being outsourced, the scooter is completely assembled, built and tested in Bengaluru. The battery pack is also completely assembled and built by the startup.

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