06 Nov, 2022 9:53a.m.

Engagement of Ex-Servicemen as Gatemen on contract basis


RBE No. 122/2022


No. E(NG)IT/2021/RC-4/1

New Delhi, dated 07.10.2022

The General Manager (P)
All Zonal Railways
(As per standard mail list)

Sub: Engagement of Ex-Servicemen as Gatemen on a contract basis.

Ref: Board’s letter No. E(NG)IT/2021/RC-4/1 dated 12.05.2022.

In partial modification of the Board’s letter of even number cited under reference, it has now been decided to permit Railways to engage ex-servicemen as Gatemen (both Civil & Traffic Departments) on a contract basis w.e.f. the date of issue of this letter for a period up to 31.03.2023 as per extant terms and conditions. The total number of such engagements on Railways shall be limited to 13518 as indicated in the enclosed “Annexure”.

2. General Managers should critically monitor and reduce Ordinary Working Expenses (OWE) and the savings arising there from shall be utilized to fund this expenditure.

3. It has also been decided that engagement of Ex-servicemen on a contract basis should mandatorily be done through GeM.

4. It is reiterated that the above engagements should be phased out gradually over the course of the above period as regular employees become available from new appointments. This should be closely monitored at the zonal level.

(A. N arayana Rao)
Dy. Director Estt.(N) I
Railway Board

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