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Family member can get family pension even if name not in Form 4


Even if a person's name has never been in the official records, he or she can still apply for a family pension. On October 26, 2022, the Department of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare (DoPPW) released an office memorandum that explained how a person can apply for a family pension even if his or her name is not on Form 4 or in the official records of a Central Government Employee.

Form 4 is what?
Every person who works for the central government has to fill out Form 4, which has information about their family and send it to the head office. It has information about the following people in the family:

  1. Wife or husband, including a wife or husband who has been separated by the court
  2. Son or daughter, whether or not they are eligible for family pension on the date Form 3 is submitted, and the details of all children (including those from a deceased or divorced wife or a from a void or voidable marriage)
  3. Parents
  4. Siblings with special needs

A government worker must give information about these family members, even if they don't qualify for the family pension. The employee also needs to let the head office know about changes in his family, such as when one of his or her children gets married.

The head office checks to see if the employee filled out the form correctly and in line with the rules. The office memo said that he or she also acknowledges getting Form 4, writes down the date of receipt, and makes a note of it in the employee's service book.

"The head of the office must also confirm receipt of all other messages from the government worker in this case and write down the date they were received. When a government worker tells the Head of Office that his or her family size has changed, that change is added to Form 4 with the Head of Office's signature. In the "remarks" section of Form 4, any information about a family member's disability or change in marital status is written in the DoPPW that was talked about in the office memo.

What happens when someone applies for a family pension but their name wasn't in the official records before?
If a family member isn't listed on Form 4 but still wants a family pension after the government worker's death, he or she can make a claim for a family pension. DoPPW said in an official memorandum, "The claim of a family member shall not be rejected on the ground that details of such a family member are not available in Form 4 or official records if the head of the office is otherwise satisfied that the family member is eligible for family pension."

"All ministries/departments are requested to bring the above provisions about giving a family pension to a family member whose name is not in Form 4 or official records to the attention of the personnel who deal with pensionary benefits in the ministry/department and attached/subordinate offices thereunder so that they are strictly followed," the DoPPW said.

Central government pension rules: Adding a family member after retirement
Before retiring, the government worker needs to send in a new Form 4 with the pension papers with the most up-to-date information about the family. If a former government worker gets married, remarries, or has a child after he or she retires, he or she needs to let the head office know. It can be said on Form 5, which can be sent with a marriage or birth certificate.

"If something happens to a government worker's family after he retires that makes a member of the family eligible for a family pension, such as the birth of a child, the disability of a child or sibling, the divorce of a daughter, or the death of the husband of a daughter, the retired government worker or, if the government worker has already died, his or her spouse or any other member of the family receiving a family pension may give an account of the change." It also said, "The Head of Office shall return a copy of the notice acknowledging receipt of the notice."

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