09 Jun, 2022 8:33p.m.

Railway Conference Association & Neutral Control Org to be closed




New Delhi, dated 09.05.2022

The General Manager,
Northern Railway
as President/IRCA
New Delhi

Sub: Closure of Indian Railway Conference Association (IRCA) & Neutral Control Organisation (NCO).

Ministry of Railways has decided to close down Indian Railway Conference Association (IRCA) along with Neutral Control Organisation (NCO). With regard to the functions of IRCA & NCO, following instructions are issued:

i) Work of preparation of hiring and penalty charges for wagon inter-change among various Zonal Railways may be generated by the system by making suitable provision in the FOIS software. Similarly, preparation of hiring and penalty charges for wagon inter-change with Bangladesh Railways should be entrusted to FOIS.

ii) The activities of publication of tariff books and allotment of station codes, which are once in a while activity, should be entrusted to the Commercial Dte of Railway Board.

iii) The work of NCO to be assigned to the Railways. Further guidelines will be issued by the Mechanical Dte. of Board’s office for the Quality Check work of POH/ROH Depots under PCMEs.

iv) As regards staff matters, the Establishment Directorate of the Board’s office, will issue necessary instructions in consultation with Mechanical Dte.

The above issues with the approval of the competent authority.

(Sushil Kumar Singh)
Executive Director/E&R


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