07 Aug, 2023 12:56p.m.

Telangana CM announces setting up of pay revision panel


Elevating the spirits of Telangana government employees, a remarkable announcement emerged on Sunday, August 6th, as Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao revealed plans for a substantial revision of their pay scales. This imminent revision is poised to create ripples of surprise across the entire nation.

Addressing the State Assembly on the occasion of Telangana's formation anniversary and reflecting upon the journey of progress, Chief Minister Rao emphasized that Telangana's employees are currently enjoying the highest pay levels in the nation.

Recalling the fervent days of the Telangana movement, the Chief Minister reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring higher salaries for Telangana employees compared to their counterparts in the Central government. This promise, he asserted, has been fulfilled, underlining the compassionate approach that underpins their policies.

'Significant Increase of 30% in Salaries'
Harking back to the time when the BRS government increased salaries by a remarkable 30% for both regular and outsourced employees through the last Pay Revision Commission (PRC), the Chief Minister shared his intention to promptly establish another PRC. This move reflects an acknowledgment of the dedicated efforts put forth by the employees. He highlighted the exceptional engineering feats witnessed in irrigation projects and the lush growth of forests, a testament to the commitment of forest officers. Furthermore, the Chief Minister celebrated the achievement of transforming Telangana into a granary, producing abundant paddy, thanks to the diligent work of agriculture department officials.

Expressing a strong bond with the employees, the Chief Minister likened them to the children of the state government, advocating for their well-being. He revealed plans for Interim Relief (IR) to be granted soon, with the impending formation of the PRC expected to lead to further salary increments. The recommendations of the PRC will guide the extent of these raises, aligning with the overarching objective of empowering employees financially. This resonates with their policy to simultaneously support both employees and the disadvantaged by ensuring ample sustenance.

The Chief Minister highlighted the substantial growth of state government revenue, attributed to robust contributions from sectors such as transportation, commercial taxes, and registration. This buoyant revenue stream has already facilitated a significant 70% salary increase, and the Chief Minister confirmed that this upward trajectory will persist.

In conclusion, the Telangana government's unwavering commitment to uplifting its employees and nurturing prosperity shines through these initiatives, setting the stage for continued progress and well-being.

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