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Guidelines on refusal of promotion in group B & C cadre of EPFO

Guidelines on refusal of promotion in group B & C cadre of EPFO

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Dated: 21 DEC 2023

Addl. Central P.F. Commissioner(HQ) (Zones),
Addl. Central P.F.Commissioner (Zones),
All officer-in charge of ROs

Subject:- Guidelines for consideration of the requests for refusal of promotion in group B & C cadre of EPFO-reg.


With reference to the subject cited above, it is informed that promotion orders are issued trom time to time on the recommendations ot the Departmental Promotion Committees as per recruitment rules. However, some of the employees do not accept promotion/posting orders; instead make representation refusing the promotion. The non-acceptance of promotion results not only vacancies in the promoted posts but also adversely affect the future prospects of the employees in the feeder grade and creates administrative difficulties. The refusal of promotion by the employees is not only counter-productive but also detrimental to the smooth functioning of the Organization.

2. The cases of refusal of promotion are increasing and hence to tackle the issue, following guidelines are being framed for strict compliance, which are as under: –

(A) The refusal request may first be considered by a Committee constituted at ZO Level before being referred to the Appointing Authority for a final decision. The composition of the committee at ZO level for the above purpose may be as under: –

Composition of the Committee at Zonal Level: ACC (HQ)/ACC of the Zone, RPFC-I of the Zonal Office/senior most RPFC-I and OIC of the concerned RO (where the employee is posted before promotion).

(B) The refusal requests may be considered by the committee in order of priority on the following grounds: –

(I) Employee himself/herself or his/her dependent suffering from chronic disease as certified by medical authorities specified under CGHS/CS (MA) Rules.
(II) Employee due to retire on superannuation within 02 years.
(III) Employee who is single parent with minor child (ren).
(IV) Employee himself/herself or his/her dependent being Divyangjan as specified by Department of Empowerment with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India

(C) The Committee shall examine the refusal request carefully taking into account prevailing facts and circumstances along with documents submitted by the employee and refer the same to the Head Office/Appointing Authority (as the case may be) along with its recommendation and certified copy of the documents. The Zonal Committee will clearly state whether the refusal request submitted by the employee is genuine and acceptable or not?

(D) Final decision on the refusal request shall be taken by the Head Office/Appointing authority (as the case may be). No appeal shall lie against the final order of the Head Office/ Appointing Authority.

(This has the approval of CPFC)

Yours faithfully,

(Sunil Kumar Suman)
Addl. Central P.F. Commissioner(HRM)

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