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Mrs World 2022: Sargam Koushal brings title back to India after 21 years

Mrs World 2022: Sargam Koushal brings title back to India after 21 years

Sargam Koushal made history by becoming Mrs World 2022 after 21 years of representing India in the beauty competition. The 32-year-old beat off competitors from 63 countries to win the title at the tournament in Las Vegas. Mrs. India's official Instagram page announced the news with a video of her receiving the title and a celebratory message.

"The long wait is done, it's after 21 years we got the CROWN back!" they wrote. The freshly crowned Mrs World also shared the same post on her own Instagram feed. The video covers the last moments of the event, when the winner was announced.

Since the news of her win entered social media, people have been sharing numerous posts to celebrate her win, including former Mrs World Dr Aditi Govitrikar who won the title 21 years ago. She posted a photograph to her Instagram Stories. The split image depicts two crown winners 21 years apart. From sharing heart emojis to expressing "congratulations", people offered diverse emotions to the news.

Koushal, 32, is a former teacher from Jammu and Kashmir who now resides in Mumbai with her husband, Indian naval officer Aditya Manohar Sharma. The couple began dating in 2015 before married in 2018, and Koushal discovered modelling only after marriage.

She competed in the Mrs India pageant in June, where she defeated 50 other contestants to win the title, earning her a seat in the Mrs World 2022 pageant.

The term "responsibility" refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions.

"You've not only given me wings, but you've also been the wind beneath them. You've taken a small-town girl and made her into a movie star. You give me the courage to accomplish anything. You've always encouraged me to put my aspirations first and like a wallflower, you just watch — watch me bloom," she stated on Instagram.

"I've never had to worry about having babies, merely because time is running out since you recognise that I have a vision which demands time and focus. You help me and make me a better person, and I appreciate it. Nobody else could have done it as well as you. Although this crown is mine, you are my king."

Koushal also mentioned one of her key reasons was her father.

"This man — my father — is the driving force behind everything. He's always told me, "You're different, I see it in your eyes," since I was a tiny child. You were born to achieve higher things in life. Things that individuals want to do but lack the courage to accomplish. "Even as a tiny girl, you have that courage in your heart and that fire in your belly," she wrote.

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