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PCDA warns against strike for 8th CPC and OPS in

PCDA warns against strike for 8th CPC and OPS in

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Army),
Sector-9, Chandigarh-160009

No. AN/IV/1713/STRIKE/2023-24

Date : 09.01.2024

1. All Sections of Main Office
2. All Sub Offices under PCDA (Army) Chandigarh
3. All IFAs under PCDA (Army) Chandigarh.

{Through PCDA (A) website only}

Subject: Agitation Programmes on 10.01.2024 for Conversion of NPS to OPS in Ord & Ord Equipment Factories and on 19.01.2024 for constitution of 8th Central Pay Commission- regarding.

Please find enclosed herewith a copy of HQ office letter No. AN /V1/17022/ Strike/ 2022-23 dated 03.01.2024 on the subject matter alongwith enclosures referred therein.

2. The Ministry of Defence, Department of Defence has informed that Bhartiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh has proposed agitation programmes in ordinance & Ordinance Equipment factories on 10.01.2024 and in all Defence Establishment on 19.01.2024 on the captioned subject.

3. In this regard, your attention is invited to DoPT OM dated 12.09.2008(copy enclosed) which prohibit the Government servants from participating in any form of strike including mass casual keave, go-slow, sit down etc. or any action that abet any form of strike.

4. Accordingly, all employees under your administrative control may suitably be informed of the aforesaid instruction and the ruling of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and be dissuaded from resorting to strike in any form, including protest. No casual leave or other kind of leave to employees may be sanctioned except in emergency during the period of strike and ensure hindrance free entry of employees into the premises.

5. A report indicating the names and designation of employees who took part in the proposed agitation Programmes may be conveyed to. Main office on email id[at] by the evening of the strike day.

Encl: As above.

(Satnam Singh, IDAS)

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