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PCDA: Disposal of cases & communication received from Army Officers


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Important Circular

No. No. G/ Cor. 296/Circulars/Vol. II

Dated: 10.05.2022


Shri Lehana Singh, IDAS, Dy. CDA
Smt. Arati Ray Chaudhury, IDAS, ACDA
Shri T Satish Kumar, IDAS, ACDA
Smt. Seena Thomas, IDAS, ACDA
Shri Aakash Deep Rai, IDAS, ACDA
Shri R Bhagyaraj, IDAS, ACDA

Subject: Rendition of reply disposal & Settlement of Cases & communication received from Army Officers in the Office of PCDA(O) Pune.

Of late it has been observed by the PCDA (O) Pune that there is as such no uniformity in the disposal of communication received from Army Officers, as well as settlement of their grievances officers, are getting aggrieved & perturbed as this is putting under financial stress, strain, distress and hardships.

2. To obviate this as well as with a view to streamlining the process so as to bring in the desired level of uniformity in the disposal of the communications and settlement of issues and to avoid any confusion, in supersession of all the previous instructions available on the subject, the Competent Authority viz. PCDA (O) Pune has since decided that the communications will be disposed of in the manner and level as given below:

Sr. No. Level of Communication Level at which communication is to be disposed off Remarks
1. Upto the level of Captain AO/SAO With the approval of Wing Officer.
2. Major & Lt. Colonel Wing Officer(ACDA) With the approval of Group Officer (Audit) i.e. JCDA
3. Colonel & Brigadier Group Officer (Audit) (JCDA) With the approval of PCDA(O) Pune.
4. Major General and above PCDA(O) Pune


3. It has been further directed that any communication, wherein any Sr. Army officer or Sr. IDAS officers including PCDA (O) has called for the status of the case, the same will be submitted to PCDA (O) per se within stipulated/reasonable time, irrespective of rank and file of the Officer involved.

4. Reply need to be given as per the time schedule enclosed along with this, Competent Authority has impressed upon all concerned that the above-noted instruction should be abided invariably. Any deviation in this regard will be viewed seriously and disciplinary action will be initiated for default.

5. This is issued with the kind approval of the PCDA (0) Pune.

Enclosure: AA

(Shri Chandra Prakash)

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