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Indian Members of Parliament: Compensation and Benefits

Indian Members of Parliament: Compensation and Benefits

As the new Members of Parliament (MP) prepare to take their seats, the salaries and perks are worth looking at.


  • Basic Salary: ₹1,00,000 per month (as of 2018 pay hike)

Allowances and Perks:

  • Constituency Allowance: ₹70,000 per month to cover constituency office expenses and constituent engagement.
  • Office Expenses: ₹60,000 per month for stationary, telecommunication, staff salaries etc.
  • Daily Allowance: ₹2,000 per day during parliamentary sessions and committee meetings for lodging, food, and other capital-related expenses.
  • Travel Allowance:
    • 34 free domestic air journeys annually (MP and immediate family)
    • Free first-class train travel (official and personal)
    • Mileage allowance for constituency travel by road
  • Housing and Accommodation:
    • Rent-free accommodation (bungalows, flats, or hostel rooms) in prime locations during the 5-year term (based on seniority)
    • Housing allowance of ₹2,00,000 per month for those opting out of official accommodation
  • Medical Facilities:
    • Free medical care for MP and immediate family under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) at government and select private hospitals
  • Pension:
    • ₹25,000 per month after one term
    • ₹2,000 increment for each additional year served
  • Phone and Internet:
    • Up to 1,50,000 free telephone calls annually
    • Free high-speed internet connections at residences and offices
  • Utilities:
    • Free electricity up to 50,000 units annually
    • Free water up to 4,000 kilolitres annually

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