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Govt revises CGHS rates, makes referral process simpler

Govt revises CGHS rates, makes referral process simpler

Central government employees have positive news with reference to medical support. The central government has increased their treatment package charges considerably. Not only have the CGHS packages been revived but also the eligibility criteria for the treatment have been reviewed. Since 2014, there was no change in the rates of the facilities that the central government employees had been getting at CGHS hospitals across the country.

The OPD charges have been hiked from Rs 150 to Rs 350. While private ward charges increased by 1.5 times compared with existing rates. ICU charges are fixed at Rs 5,400.

Additionally, the referrals have been made simpler. Earlier the CGHS beneficiary had to visit the CGHS Wellness Center and take a referral to the hospital. Now, If the CGHS beneficiary is unable to go, he/she can send someone on their behalf to the wellness centre and take a referral.

The current CGHS rates were fixed in 2014 and are now considered low by existing market standards. Also, long pending dues to private hospitals have prompted several health service providers to try and withdraw from the scheme.

Currently, more than 600 private hospitals are empanelled under the CGHS with big hospitals like Medanta, Fortis, Narayana, Apollo, Max and Manipal the pillars of the scheme.

Revised CGHS rates:




Consultation Fee –

          OPD Consultation

          IPD Consultation 



Rs 150



Rs 350

Rs 350

ICU charges –

includes Rs 750 for non-NABH hospitals and Rs 862* for NABH hospitals includes – monitoring, RMO charges, nursing care and in addition Room rent is as per ward entitlement of beneficiary –general ward / semi-private ward / private ward is permitted.

*15% more for NABH accredited


Rs 862 for NABH + Room rent as per ward entitlement


Rs 5,400/- (Rs 862 + Rs 4,500/- for Private ward = 5,362- rounded to Rs 5,400) including accommodation for all ward entitlements.

Room Rent –

   General ward

   Semi-Private ward

   Private ward 


Rs 1000/-

Rs 2,000/-



Rs 1,500/-

Rs. 3,000/-



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