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Other News 🕑 21 Jan,22 6:37p.m. Subramanian Swamy suggests abolishing Income Tax
Railways 🕑 15 Jan,22 2:51p.m. Railways redesignate Guard as Train Manager

State Govt.

Covid leave limited to seven days for Assam government employees 20 Jan,22 9:13a.m.   |   Unvaccinated Assam govt employees sent on forced CL 18 Jan,22 9:24a.m.   |   J&K employees directed to declare assets worth above two months basic pay 14 Jan,22 11:45a.m.   |   Kerala govt staff urged to wear khadi clothes on Wednesdays 12 Jan,22 4:18p.m.   |   Tamil Nadu declares January 17 as holiday for state government offices & educational institutions 12 Jan,22 12:19p.m.   |   Retirement age hiked to 62 for AP staff along with 23.4% salary hike. 08 Jan,22 1:32p.m.   |   Omicron Delhi camcels leave of all govt officers, officials & staff 06 Jan,22 9:12a.m.   |   Odisha announces 2% Dearness Allowance hike 01 Jan,22 9:03a.m.   |   Odisha announces 2% Dearness Allowance hike 01 Jan,22 9:03a.m.   |   Pongal gift: TN staff. DA hiked to 31%, Cash gift to Gr. C & D staff 29 Dec,21 9:01a.m.

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